Steam Boiler

Fully automatic steam boiler according German Standard TRD

steam boiler


  • The steam boilers type ECOTHERM are designed for capacities ranging from 1.000 kg/h to 14.000 kg/h, operation pressure from 0,5 to 44 bar.
  • ECOTHERM boilers — in traditional THREE-PASS-SYSTEM — with latest control and monitoring system according German TRD standard.


  • Construction, selection of material and manufacture of ECOTHERM boilers are according to the European Directive 97/23/EC and German Standard TRD".
    Each ECOTHERM boiler is tested according TRD-regulations by official TUEV-authorities including material test and pressure test.
  • Regular examinations of all steps of production, using only certificated materials, first class valves and fittings, type-test approved regulation- and safety devices, as well as observance of all regulations (TRD, DIN, EN, VDE), guarantees an optimal quality standard of our products.
  • High grade manufacturing precision.
  • German technology.



  • The boiler is a factory-assembled unit: Boiler, valves and fittings, feed water system, safety devices, furnace and control cabinet are mounted an a common base frame.
  • All equipments - especially all regulations and safeties -are ready wired and adjusted at our testing stand.
  • The safety devices are provided in double:
    - double-safety against over-pressure
    - double low water cut-off
    - double level indicator


  • ECOTHERM boilers are completed with a sequential controlled program system for boiler's full automatic operation and responds automatically to the actual steam demand.
  • The ECOTHERM control system includes an additional self-monitoring electrode for supervision of water level. This type-tested electronic system allows automatic operation without steady supervision according to standard TRD.
  • Additional equipments are available to minimise supervision interval to 24 respectively 72 hours.



  • The accurate co-ordination of fuel, furnace and heating surfaces (flame and flue-gas tubes) guarantees an optimal combustion and highest efficiency.
    The exterior high grade insulation reduces heat losses to an absolute minimum.
  • Efficiency of combustion up to 92 %.
  • Heat loss minimised according strict German regulations.


  • ECOTHERM boilers are pre-assembled to give a compact ready-to-use product. The complete wiring and adjustment at our testing stand avoids trouble at site.
  • The lateral fittings may be installed at boiler's right or left side, just according to the requirements at site.
  • Special foundations are not necessary since the boiler is assembled on a strong base frame.


  • All flue-gas paths, such as flame tubes, flue-gas reversing chambers are easily accessible.
  • Hinged front door and cleaning holes at the rear side allows easy and quick cleaning of flue-gas tubes.
  • Man-hole and several inspection holes allows easy inspection and cleaning of the water side.