Thermooil Boiler

Thermooil Boiler Application


  • Construction material industry
    for heating of form works, brick works dry chambers
  • Tar manufacturing industry
    for roofing felt plants, store and mixing installations, tank depots
  • Chemical industry
    for autoclaves, reaction tanks, mixing plants
  • Wood-, paper-, pasteboard industry
    for laminate presses, hot presses, chip board presses, dryers
  • Plastic industry
    for extruders, calanders, melting vessels, polymerisation plants
  • Metal-processing industry
    for pickling baths, varnishing plants, degreasing systems
  • Food industry
    for baking plants, distilling, fat-splitting, pasteurising
  • Soap and detergent industry
    for autoclaves, spray and drying columns, soaping plants
  • Textile industry
    for coating, colouring plants, calanders, stenters, dryers, hot flues
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