Thermooil Boiler

Thermooil Boiler construction

  • Heating surface
    Radiate and convection heating surfaces consist of precisely manufactured cylindrical tube bundles, connected together to a reversing chamber, which is entirely cooled by thermooil.
  • Combustion chamber
    The cylindrical combustion chamber is constructed according to the flame geometry. This guarantees an optimal combustion and a low load of the heating surface.
  • Flue gas direction
    In the well tested three-pass-principle the flue gas flows from the combustion chamber to the space between radiate and convection tube bundle, than through the 3rd pass between the outside tube bundle and the boiler shell to the chimney.
  • Insulation
    For heat insulation the boiler is covered allover by special insulation wool mats. Total 150 mm seam displaced fixed in two layers guarantees an optimum protection against heat loss. The top layer is made of aluminium sheet.
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